All the vocals were recorded using a Shure SM 58.  The guitar was run into a Radial DI and then into either a Zoom H5 (2 track) or a Zoom H6 (4 track) recorder.  One shoot I used a Sennheiser  609 to mic a drum.

Everything was shot using some combination of a Canon EOS 7, a Panasonic Luminx G5, a Zoom Q2n-4K or an iPhone.

For one shoot I used a Canon EF 8-15 Fisheye lens.

For the night shots I used the Elation Pro LED Floodlight TVL1000II and the VidPro  LED Light Kit (Z96K).

I also built a 2 camera bracket.


Audio in post was done in Pro Tools.

Video was edited in iMovie, Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve.


...and I tried to carry it all in one trip